Reaching Across the Sea: Playback Theatre in Multicultural Spaces

Instructors: Michael Cheng and Andrea Sandoval

Saturday & Sunday

August 21 & 22

9:00am - 3:00pm ET


Cost - Sliding Scale:  $300 - $200

Level 2 Selected Topic Course


In today’s online Playback Theatre performances, our audiences are more and more global and multicultural. It is critical that we build skills for understanding the cultural underpinnings of a teller’s story as best we can and avoid seeing the story only through our own cultural lens. 


The interactions in a Playback space are profoundly influenced by culture and history. Who has more privilege? Who is more likely to speak? Where are possible tensions? Who has less agency to share? How does culture influence our understanding of what a story is? How does it influence the way we tell stories? 


In this workshop, we will explore together how appreciation of cultural differences and respect for individual differences can enhance our work, both online and in person. We will share our wisdom in learning to account for cultural differences in the telling and understanding of oral narratives. We will build ways together in preparing for online shows, listening deeper to the essence of stories, and build intercultural understanding in performances.


Prerequisite: Core Training or equivalent*

*One year with an active company or 40 hours of practice


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Reaching Across the Sea: Playback Theatre in Multicultural Spaces

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