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The Heart of the Playback Method: Long-Story Form  

Instructor: Jonathan Fox

July 9 & 10, 2024

9:30am - 4:30pm ET

Level 2 Course


Boughton Place

150 Kisor Road

Highland, NY 12528


Perhaps some of Playback's new narrative forms are easier to work with, but nothing replaces the original long-story form in its richness, complexity, and impact. Are you using the full power of the long-story form in your Playback work? Do you work on its important elements--conductor's interview, ritualized setting-up, improvised enactment, including ensemble acting, and acknowledgment? In this short workshop Playback Theatre's co-founder will teach you how to up your game - and your performances - with long-story enactments.


Prerequisite: Core Training or equivalent*

*One year with an active company or 40 hours of practice


Course registration is a 2-step process.   

1.  Payment of course

2.  Submission of Student Information form. Available here

NYSPT will confirm registration after both of these steps have been completed.



Limited housing is available at Boughton Place.  More information on reserving accommodations, other housing options, and travel guidelines are available here.

The Heart of the Playback Method: Long-Story Form (Summer 2024)

  • Sliding Scale Pricing is offered in hopes of providing greater access to people with varying resources.  The financial viability of producing this course, which includes space rental, supplies, instructor salary, and scholarships, is based on people paying what they can.  If you can afford more, please pay the higher price.

    Choose your payment option (Standard or Student/Fixed Income) from the drop-down menu above. 

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