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Active Conducting

Instructor: Hannah Fox

July 5 -7*, 2024 REVISED DATES

9:30am - 4:30pm ET

Level 2 Conducting Course


* July 5:  All-day intensive with one-on-one supervision and practice.

July 6 and 7th will be taught concurrently with the Acting course, which means Conducting students will focus on the conductor's role and the acting students on the acting role.  For those students enrolled in both, you will have chances to practice and receive feedback in both roles.

These two days will be co-taught by Hannah Fox and Sarah Urech.  


Boughton Place

150 Kisor Road

Highland, NY 12528 USA


A skillful conductor knows how to bring out the important stories that are waiting to be heard in all their richness and wisdom. In this workshop, for both new and experienced Playback Theatre conductors, we will explore the many facets of this demanding role, including how to listen for the heart of the story and explore the resonances within the audience. In addition, we'll consider the importance of language, the potency of silence, honoring the Playback ritual, and how to create an inclusive space for dialogue, which includes the art of warming up the audience. We¹ll also be telling our own stories, acting, and playing music.


Prerequisite: Core Training or equivalent*

*One year with an active company or 40 hours of practice


Course registration is a 2-step process.   

1.  Payment of course

2.  Submission of Student Information form. Available here

NYSPT will confirm registration after both of these steps have been completed.



Limited housing is available at Boughton Place.  More information on reserving accommodations, other housing options, and travel guidelines are available here.

Conducting (Summer 2024)

  • Sliding Scale Pricing is offered in hopes of providing greater access to people with varying resources. The financial viability of producing this course, which includes space rental, supplies, instructor salary, and scholarships, is based on people paying what they can. If you can afford more, please pay the higher price.


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