Advanced Practice        

Instructor, Jo Salas

4/29 Fri. 9:30-12:30pm ET

4/30 Sat. 9:30-1:30pm ET

5/1 Sun. 9:30-1:30pm ET

5/13 Fri. 9:30-12:30pm ET

5/14 Sat. 9:30-1:30pm ET

5/15 Sun. 9:30-1:30pm ET


Level 3 Course


This six-day course is designed to bring your knowledge and practical skills to the level needed for Playback Theatre Leadership, or simply to do your work well. We will pay careful attention to advanced issues in conducting and acting, with time to practice each of these roles, as well as music (both playing and teaching music). Conducting practice will include the subtle art of warming up any audience so they are ready to tell stories; choosing forms; and embracing stories that may not be easy to tell. We’ll also explore other topics such as recruiting and training company members, the practical issues that come up in running a group, and our social responsibility as practitioners. Participants are welcome to come with specific questions from your own Playback Theatre work. 


Prerequisites: At minimum Core Training, Conducting, and at least one year of practical experience using Playback in the community.


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Advanced Practice

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