NYSPT courses have been designed to provide a broad range of instruction to reflect the needs, backgrounds and interests of our students. We offer sliding scale pricing for Core Training. NYSPT courses work in compliance with the Centre for Playback Theatre's course curriculum. 

Beginning in the fall 2022, we will offer a hybrid program with some classes offered online, and others in person.      

Before enrolling, please check the course prerequisites below.

2023 Winter/Spring Courses (online)

Core Training Friday - Monday, January 13-16 Registration Below


The Climate Crises: Grief and Action  Saturday & Sunday, January 28 & 29 Registration Below

Advanced Conducting  (April, specific dates to be announced)

2023 Summer Courses (in-person) New Paltz, NY USA

CORE TRAINING Saturday - Tuesday, July 22-25

ACTIVE CONDUCTING Wednesday - Saturday, July 26-29

SELECTED TOPIC MYSTERY COURSE Sunday & Monday, July 30 & 31


January 13-16, 2023


Sliding Scale Pricing

$595-$300 USD

Core Training

Hannah Fox

Come learn the foundational principles, forms, applications of Playback Theatre! In this four-day intensive, you will learn the basics with lots of opportunities to practice. The fundamental Playback forms will be taught—fluid sculptures, pairs, stories, tableau and more. Each student will have a chance to try the roles of conductor and musician as well as actor. Everyone will tell and enact stories together, in the spirit of fun and fellowship. Designed for new and relatively new students.

January 28 & 29, 2023


Sliding Scale Pricing

$300-200 USD

The Climate Crisis: Grief and Action
A retreat for Playback practitioners


Jo Salas

We humans are creatures of the natural world. Whether we live in the city or the country, nature is our matrix—we are shaped, held, nurtured, inspired, and sometimes threatened by nature. For many of us it is an inescapable grief to know that so much that we treasure is at risk. In these times of tumultuous and potentially catastrophic climate change, we search for ways to save our world and ourselves. 


Meeting online, we will share and enact our personal stories of our relationship with the natural world—our joy, our fears, our determination and sometimes despair. We’ll learn about climate issues and initiatives in each other’s countries, and explore practical ways of using Playback Theatre in our home communities to raise awareness, build resilience, and inspire courageous action.


Prerequisite: Core Training or one year in an active Playback company.

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