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NYSPT courses have been designed to provide a broad range of instruction to reflect the needs, backgrounds and interests of our students. We offer sliding scale pricing for Core Training. NYSPT courses work in compliance with the Centre for Playback Theatre's course curriculum. 

Before enrolling, please check the course prerequisites below.

January 19-22, 2024


Sliding Scale Pricing

$595-$300 USD

Core Training

Hannah Fox

Come learn the foundational principles, forms, applications of Playback Theatre! In this four-day intensive, you will learn the basics with lots of opportunities to practice. The fundamental Playback forms will be taught—fluid sculptures, pairs, stories, tableau and more. Each student will have a chance to try the roles of conductor and musician as well as actor. Everyone will tell and enact stories together, in the spirit of fun and fellowship. Designed for new and relatively new students.

Spring 2024



Advanced Conducting


Randy Mulder & Synne Platander

Advanced Conducting is an opportunity for the experienced conductor to delve deeper into this delicate and complex role. The course will focus on the warmup phase and the use of sociometry, conducting the primary forms (short and long), eliciting stories from the audience and interviewing the teller, dealing with challenging tellers, and how to pay attention to the emerging connection between stories. Learning to implement the attributes of Narrative Reticulation to increase the efficacy of the performance and gaining exposure to basic techniques of trauma-informed conducting will also be included. Students can bring specific conducting questions and challenges to the group and will have ample opportunities to practice. This course will focus on skills needed for both in-person and online Conducting.

Prerequisites: At a minimum, Core Training, Conducting courses, and at least one year of practical conducting experience using Playback in the community in-person or online.

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